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What is the difference between a Personal line and a Confidential line?

Our Personal Lines tend to have the greatest number of collections because they are at affordable prices and reach a greater number of people. Usually, the materials in this line are more classic than for the confidential collections. Prices are higher for the confidential lines which is justified by the use of more exceptional materials and unique designs.

The confidential line is the house's signature line and reflects the personal concepts from the brand's creator more closely.

Not to mention that there is also a Private line which is only accessible for specific niche clients.

So what is Le Petit Secret line?

Le Petit Secret is a line of underwear for gifting to yourself or others, and the pieces from this unique line are sent in small caskets. Ideal for travelling, this means you can take your lingerie with you wherever you go. The caskets in question are designed and made to last. Their rectangular design, topped off with a ribbon fastening, is similar to the books you might keep in a pretty bookcase in your bedroom or in your living room. Whether you use them as a mock book, jewellery box or a modish home accessory, it's up to you how you enjoy this little gift from Maison Close. The Petit Secrets collections are split into 3 parts: Jeux Magnétiques, Le Petit Secret Dentelle, and Le Petit Secret Microfibre.

What is available in your Private line?

The Private line features high-end pieces produced in limited editions, with the number of pieces available rarely exceeding 300. These are very stylish, premium pieces for completing a collection, and are usually larger items such as a long dress or corset. This private page is only accessible to clients who have registered on the private line page to access this type of product. This line is highly coveted for its exclusivity and the originality of the designs on offer. The private line is well suited to people who are mostly looking for an original and unique piece that isn't like anything else and who want a high-end item of lingerie to complete their outfit. Maison Close is a luxury that is open to everyone but which remains exclusive because clients have to actively seek out the brand's private circle.

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