Push-up bras


Push-up bra

The push up bra enhances femininity. Its foam reinforcement makes it the perfect choice for all types of cleavage, and it is very popular with women with small breasts, providing volume and comfort for daily wear.

Which body type is best suited for a push-up bra?

The push-up bra is suitable for all breasts, it is not only for small breasts, it can also bring a nice curve and a bouncy effect to big breasts. This bra shape was designed to shape breasts, not just make them bigger or go up a size.

The ideal choice for the summer is a push-up bra with removable and interchangeable straps, as in our CORPS À CORPS collection, which allows you to vary the colours from the flashiest to the most discreet, depending on the clothes you are wearing.

What are the different types of push-up bra?

There are a variety of push-up bras from the most refined to the most sexy. There are also different levels of push-ups, as you can find push-ups with smaller or larger padding.

The ultra push up is the one that, in addition to shaping the chest, will really make it bigger visually, offering a breathtaking cleavage.

The invisible flesh-coloured push-up will be ideal when concealed under your evening dresses, low-cut dresses or summer dresses that reveal a lot of breast and bust. This bra is often sold with removable straps that allow you to remove them completely in summer while keeping a nice discreet cleavage.

In the list we also have the lace push up, even if the variety of materials is not lacking in this model, the black lace push up bra remains an unavoidable classic. This is the piece with the sexy look.

How do I choose the right push-up bra?

When choosing your push-up bra, pay special attention to comfort and size when trying it on. Depending on the model, the foam padding may or may not be comfortable, so it's important to see if it's suitable for your breast shape. We recommend that you choose a more flexible foam padding to avoid the feeling of suffocating your breasts that many push-ups can give. Regarding the cup size, it is often advisable to go one size up, especially if you are talking about an ultra push up.

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