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Balconette bra

It is often compared or even confused with the half-cup bra, both are semi-embossing, thanks to its underwiring it gives you the ideal support with or without padding

What are the advantages of the balconette bra?

The balconette bra is ideal for small breasts, the upper part of the balconette bra is open at mid-height and draws the shape of your breasts and offers the illusion of a pronounced cleavage. The balconette bra is also known for its excellent support, combining comfort with aesthetics. With a natural look to shape your breasts, the balconette bra is the solution for a stunning neckline.

Which types of breasts are suitable for a balconette bra?

The balconette bra easily adapts to the most generous breasts because it offers unparalleled support. This model not only lifts the chest with its fruit basket shape, but also gives it a shapely appearance. Should you wish to give a rounded effect to your chest, it will be your best asset.

The underwired balconette bra can be suitable for large breasts because, as mentioned above, it provides excellent support and emphasises the shape. But this bra has many other assets and it also knows how to adapt to smaller breasts, its shape naturally enhances the breasts and even recenters them with the help of its underwiring on the sides.

What is the difference between a balconette bra and a half-cup bra?

The two models are very similar, at Maison Close we have chosen to offer you only the balconette bra. The half-cup bra actually provides less coverage because it is more horizontal in shape. The balconette bra gives the chest a sexy look and shapes it with two distinct parts, the lower part that gives the push-up effect with its vertical seam and the upper part that adorns your breast.

We offer a variety of materials and colours, tulle, lace, microfibre and even a material that imitates leather. In terms of colours, you can choose from one extreme to the other. Maison Close revisits the basic black balconette bra, as well as fluorescent yellow and powder pink.

How should you wear a balconette bra

For example, you can wear your bra with a square neckline, it will not show under your clothes and will be discreet. Its pigeon-hole effect, which covers the chest only halfway, allows it to be worn with many different shapes of clothing, so you can wear it to your heart's content, regardless of your cleavage.

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