Thong bodysuit

The bodysuit is the feminine piece par excellence and a fashion icon. It’s lingerie at night and clothing during the day, the bodysuit is versatile and is recognized as a fashionable and sexy item. Our selection of bodysuits has been meticulously developed with the aim of satisfying all styles. Maison Close can give you fashion advice to help you choose the bodysuit that best meets your needs.

When can I wear a thong bodysuit?

It all depends on the style of your bodysuit and what mood you're in. The lace thong bodysuit is obviously a timeless classic that you can wear for a night out as well as during the day with your favourite pair of jeans. The thong bodysuit is perfect to wear with basics for a casual look or with something more vibrant for a sexier look.

What thong bodysuits does Maison Close sell?

We use different shapes and materials to give you as much freedom as possible. We have some more daring designs: the cupless bodysuit and the suspender belt bodysuit. Then the more suggestive ones: the wrap-around bodysuit and the shirt bodysuit. Finally, the fashionable designs: the long-sleeved bodysuit, the asymmetrical and the V-neck. There’s something for everyone's tastes: straps, long sleeves, V-neck and even cupless. Our thong bodysuits can be sexy or minimalist and let the imagination run wild. They fit like a glove and are the quintessential item of lingerie.

Our advice for choosing the thong bodysuit best suited to your body type

To hide your curves, choose a draped bodysuit with a loose fit such as our wrap-around thong bodysuit. The shape will hug your body without being tight, giving you a sexy look while remaining comfortable. For larger breasts, underwired bodysuits will provide the support your chest needs. The V-neck bodysuit is the ideal option to highlight a small chest without showing too much.

The indestructible lace bodysuit

The lace bodysuit is the sexiest piece of lingerie, so it’s the must-have addition to any wardrobe. The lace only adds to the sexiness and its look is why it is often used over other materials. The brands know it and use the precious lace as a base material for all styles.

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