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Maison Close is a daring lingerie brand, a sense of adventure and love of materials drives us to go above and beyond our craft and always seek to go even farther with our creations. The skirt made its appearance very early on in our civilisations and, despite what you may think, it wasn't necessarily women who popularised them but men, who in ancient times wore them in the form of a tunic or toga.

The skirt is nonetheless a potent symbol for many women, notably used in the fight against sexism in the 1960s. It is synonymous with emancipation for many of us, and an affirmation of not only our femininity but also our freedom. There's nothing better than being able to buy an item that complements us and is also steeped in history.

What are the different types of skirt available from Maison Close?

The brand offers skirt styles ranging from the original and unique to more ready to wear items. Firstly, if you're feeling bold, may we suggest the open-backed skirt, a unique item from our PURE TENTATION collection. Decorated with suspenders and tulle, it's one of our more suggestive skirts. Have fun and surprise your partner with this unique item of lingerie.

See also our famous suspender belt skirt, a classic from the brand which combines inspiration from fashion and lingerie. Then there's the sheath skirt, also known as the pencil skirt, created by Christian Dior in the 1950s, a now-iconic item and a wardrobe essential.

How to wear the long skirt?

The long women's skirt is a timeless classic that will suit all body types. This type of skirt offers a very classy visual effect and can be worn in the evening for a slim and sexy silhouette or just as easily in the office for day-to-day work outfits.

The long skirt goes well with fitted tops, allowing it to show off your waist while providing a slimming effect. The skirt is suitable for both shorter and taller women, it's only a matter of placing it correctly on the hips.

A high-waisted long skirt suits a shorter woman very well, the higher the waist, the more the length of legs will be accentuated.

The black skirt a timeless classic

The black skirt is the practical piece that we all have in our wardrobes thanks to its versatility. The colour goes with almost everything, prevents hassles in the morning and allows you to match two pieces easily. The black skirt has the advantage of slimming the silhouette thanks to its colour, as black easily conceals shapes we wish to hide. This alternately fashionable and lingerie-type piece will provide a sense of comfort and well-being during your meetings.

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